Min lördag i bilder

English summary below

I går dokumenterade jag min dag ungefär en gång i timmen med mobilbilder. Följ med mig till katthemmet, Elfvik och det sällsynta tillfället av  ”Marie bakar  Bounty”. Jag suger annars på att laga mat och baka.

Häng med om ni vill! Klicka på bilderna för att läsa bildtexterna och se hela bilderna. 🙂

Bounty-recept (obs – smeten måste stå en timme i frysen först, och en timme till minst efter att man har format Bounty-bitarna… Jag försökte efter en halvtimme enligt receptet, men de höll inte ihop. De måste vara riktigt kalla för att det ska funka!)

Gillade ni det här konceptet på bloggen? Ska jag göra detta igen??


I decided to document my Saturday every hour (well, nearly) with mobile photos. Follow me to the cat shelter where I do volunteer work, Elfvik and a very rare occasion of Marie baking Bounty. I suck at cooking and baking. 🙂  Click on the photos to see them bigger.

Bounty recipy (Swedish).

Did you like this concept for a blog entry? Shall I do it again?

Tillbaka igen!

(English summary below)

Jag gjorde ett uppehåll i bloggen över sommaren. Det var inte planerat egentligen utan det bara blev så. Och det är helt ok.

Nu kliar det i skrivtarmen så nu kör jag på nytt igen. Och vet ni vad? Den här gången tänker jag inte sätta upp några bestämda publiceringsdagar eller tider utan tänker skriva när jag har något att skriva helt enkelt. Bloggen kommer fortfarande att ha min kreativa resa som överordnat tema, uppblandat med allt annat som hör livet till. Högt och lågt. Jag tycker själv om en sådan blandning när jag läser bloggar.

Jag ska testa en annan sak också. Jag kommer fortsätta att mixa svenska och engelska inlägg, men jag kommer inte att ha specifika publiceringsdagar för de engelska inläggen. Istället gör jag en snabb sammanfattning av de svenska inläggen på engelska också.

Jag provar, så får vi se.

Nu seglar vi mot nya mål! 🙂


A new start!

I had a break from the blog over summer. Not a planned break – it just happened. Which is totally ok.

I am starting again now. With a few changes. I won’t have any specific days or times for publishing. I will write when I have something to write.

My creative journey will still be the overall theme, mixed with  everyday stuff and all that life has to offer – mixing high and low. Because that kind of mix is what I myself like when reading other blogs.

 I will still also mix Swedish and English entries, except I won’t have special ”English” days in the blog. Instead I will write a short summary of the Swedish blog entries too. I think this might be fun – that way all my entries can be read by everyone – even the non-English ones.

I will give it a try – let me know what you think!

Let’s set sail to new goals!



A rainy day

Well-needed rain is falling today. It cools down the air to lower degrees and it darkens the day so much that  electrical light is needed in the lightest summer month of June.

But I’ll take the cold and temporary dark day for some needed water for thirsty trees and flowers and for the grass to grow green again. Rain is a blessing for a thirsty nature. When it comes with moderation!

In Southern Sweden heavy rain showers are causing floodings. That doesn’t help either greenery or people. It’s like drinking too fast to swallow. You just cough the water up instead. Nature is drowning.

I remember growing up with summer rains as subtle and brittle like a soft and gentle breeze. The tiny but plenty rain drops so dainty and light that they barely caressed your skin when falling, like nature’s own moisturiser. These modern day heavy flooding rains never happened.

I miss those summer rains.

skärgård 4


A quick hello from the office!

Good morning!

Here comes a quick hello from my office desk. Back after three days in Borås.

Just to say that I am back after yet another little break. I planned to update for these three days on Sunday but never got the chance. Mother’s Day at grandmother’s and physio therapy exercises and a sleepy Marie got in the way.

The weather in Borås was mediterranean. I hope this is not the only summer we will get. It is always a worry when you get heatwaves like this as early in the summer, that the rest will be crap.

Now that I am back home it is a mediterranean in Stockholm too. Didn’t bother with a jacket today.

Ok, so I am back on track. Get ready for regular updates again and enjoy this beautiful Thursday wherever you are! Let the sun shine a light to your heart.

Tea is ready, computer is ready – I am ready. Let the work day begin!


10 years ago

10 years ago today, around 1 pm, my father’s heart gave up and he left me.

The one person in my life that was always on my side and loved me completely no matter what, was gone. I was his world. And when he left me my world fell apart. My safe haven, my dad, was gone. Here I was experiencing the worst time in my life and the one person I always went to in hard times, who always helped me through them, was now the one that was gone. I fell and fell and fell through a bottomless abyss unable to stop the fall.

The turning point that helped me start the long climb up from the abyss came a couple of days later, at my mother’s. I had spent the night at her place and the first immediate shock was beginning to wear off and my mother got me to take a shower. That turned out to be a healing shower. As I stood there with the warm water cleaning my body I suddenly felt it:

His love can never die. It will live forever. His love, his hopes for me, his pride of his daughter, will never leave me. I felt and ”heard” him say it in my heart. Eternal love.

That was such a ”revelation” to me in that moment. I went into the shower still falling, and when I came out of it, the fall had lost speed and I could start to work on climbing back up again.

This insight comforts me still today.

I will  never be able to climb back to ”life before” the 19th of May 2006, but I have learned to live with ”life after” with his love in my heart.

Bucket list of dreams

Do you have dreams? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Some dream big, some dream small, but we all have dreams to some extent. It makes us human and it’s beautiful.

I have noticed a theme in my dreams, they all have to do with freedom, creativity and nature somehow.

I have a bucket list of dreams. Some of them I will realise, and some I won’t be able to realise. I am after all soon 45 years old and many of these dreams are often easier fulfilled when you are about twenty years younger. By that I don’t mean that age should stop you from following your dreams. It’s just the fact that youth makes things easier.

But these unfulfilled dreams will give me something to fantasise about. Something to feed my daydreams! And big dreams can be made smaller and manageable, so you still get the experience in some way.

My bucket list of big and small dreams:

  • Make a living through writing or photographing (would love a combo!) in any form. I think though the writing part is where I have the better chance to succeed with this dream in terms of skills.
  • To live in a house in the archipelago or near nature and water.
  • To have my own cat/s/
  • Travel the world – my top places to see at least once are Iceland, Australia, Canada and Alaska. All very nature-based wishes.
  • To spend a longer period of time in another country and culture. For work or a very long holiday. I think you learn a lot about life, the world, and yourself, by doing that.
  • Be more creative – learn a lot of crafts just for fun. Things like silver forging, ceramics, knitting, develop my photography and writing Etc.
  • Write a book
  • To have my own photo and writing studio.
  • To stay in good health. Everything starts with a good health. I will do everything I possibly can to keep a good health as long as possible. And I hope luck helps me stay away from illness I can’t influence.
  • Surround myself with my wonderful friends and family as much as I can. They mean the world to me.

I of course have many more dreams and things I want to do. But this is a start…

Would you like to share some of your dreams in the comments? I sure would love to read them.

My archipelago dream. (Mobile photos from boat trip to Möja 2011).



Before and after: Winter vs summer

As you who read this blog on a at least somewhat regular basis know, I have my favourite place Elfvik as a recurring theme. You’ve heard me gush about it 100 times at least and seen heaps of photos from the place. And you will see plenty more in the future – you bet. No escaping Elfvik in this blog. So be prepared for another Elfvik blog entry right now.

For the very few of you who read this blog not living in Sweden, summer came by over the weekend here which was also a long weekend for most people thanks to the ”squeeze day” on Friday. I think the rest of Europe got a taste of summer this weekend too?

It caught most of us by surprise I think. Just a week ago we were freezing in our winter clothes and it seemed like spring would never come for real.

Anyway back to Elfvik. You can imagine how much I loved my walk and rest on my favourite spot by the water on Saturday. It was surreal to sit there now in just a summer top soaking in the sun and feeling it burn my skin. Listening to the waves hitting the shore and the birds singing in different harmonies from their tree top viewpoints. The last time I sat on this spot, I was in full winter attire and the only thing keeping me a tiny bit warm and fingers from frostbite was my hot tea.

So I thought I’d show you a photo I took on an Elfvik walk this winter of a beautiful weathered gazebo, and the same gazebo from my walk on Saturday.

This winter. (This photo is previously posted in a Swedish entry Ett fönster mot fantasin)

_MG_7376The same window, in a wider angle on hot 7th of May.

I like windows. I like old buildings. I like this aesthetics of buildings that reminds me of early 1900s. So this gazebo really gets my imagination going.

What triggers your imagination?

Balcony premiere


You know that day you dream about all through the dark cold winter? That day that you in early January think will never come and seems like a fairy tale? That first REAL warm spring day?

For me that was today.

I felt so alive. It’s amazing how much spring, sun, warm air and a bursting blooming nature affect your soul. At least mine. A colleague and I took a short lunch walk during lunch break along the little path in the woods behind campus. Little spring green buds on the trees literally growing before our eyes, hills filled with hundreds and hundreds of wood anemones brightening up the ground turning their gorgeous white petals to the sun, birds singing happily. Heavenly.

As I got home I decided to try the balcony since I know it is always warmer there than the actual degrees. It was hot as in summer. So I finally moved my bike from its winter rest on the balcony to the cycle stand outside to make room for a temporary quick fix of the balcony. Which meant my sun chair and my dirty old balcony table. I had filled my thermos with tea and had some vegetable snacks with youghurt with it (trying to be healthy 😉 ). I couldn’t believe that I was sitting there. In just a tank top, and not freezing.

Welcome back, life.


A study in white – and I don’t mean the tank top. 😉


No photos

Tomorrow Thursday is the day I normally post my photos for Jen’s and my photo project but I have been way too tired to be creative this past week. So I will skip this week and be back on track with project photos next Thursday.

I can’t wait for the long weekend next week. I feel a desperate need for some time off so next week is like God-sent. Which I suppose for religious people it is, since the long weekend is to celebrate Ascension Day. For me it is four blessed days of rest to restore some energy. 🙂

This week I am looking forward to celebrate my grandmother’s 93rd birthday on Saturday. There will be flags waving all over the city and streets with people trying to catch a glimpse – of the king. But what he doesn’t know is that he got it all wrong. All the commotion is really to celebrate the best grandmother in the world. It was HER birthday long before it was the king’s birthday, so there. Wave your flags for my grandmother at the bonfires (it also happens to be ValborgsmässoaftonWalpurgis night) ! ❤

What I also am looking forward to is warmer days and spring green so that I can start taking photos again. Right now I feel a bit uninspired by the constant raining/sleet-snowing, gray and dull April.

What are you looking forward to?

A new day

A quick hello from work before I start my day.

Even though I don’t think so when the alarm goes off at 5:30, I do love to be early at work when I am here. I am all alone and the office is totally quiet. I love the routine of turning on the computer, put on some tea and then a browse through my social media before I begin my work day. Those ten minutes sort of give me the start I need for a good productive day. And when I start working around 7, the office is still empty and quiet for about another hour. Lovely.

It’s a beautiful morning. The night was cold. Frost covered the roofs and glittered in the grass as I walked to the garage at home. When parking at work the sun had just woken up the ”skilla” (don’t know their English name!) flowers. The glowing morning sunlight is starting to thaw the frostbitten petals. It looked so pretty that I had to take a snapshot with the mobile phone.

Wonderful times right now! But don’t you long for the real spring now? With warm air? Frost in all its glory is all fine and pretty, but I want green trees and bushes and blazing flowerage and a thin spring jacket.

I wish you a happy day. Time to work.

bild 1
What are these flowers called in English?