Well-needed rain is falling today. It cools down the air to lower degrees and it darkens the day so much that  electrical light is needed in the lightest summer month of June.

But I’ll take the cold and temporary dark day for some needed water for thirsty trees and flowers and for the grass to grow green again. Rain is a blessing for a thirsty nature. When it comes with moderation!

In Southern Sweden heavy rain showers are causing floodings. That doesn’t help either greenery or people. It’s like drinking too fast to swallow. You just cough the water up instead. Nature is drowning.

I remember growing up with summer rains as subtle and brittle like a soft and gentle breeze. The tiny but plenty rain drops so dainty and light that they barely caressed your skin when falling, like nature’s own moisturiser. These modern day heavy flooding rains never happened.

I miss those summer rains.

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