Är det fler än jag som är fascinerad av månen?

En månbelyst natt har något trollskt över sig. Det finns ju många myter om månen som har med skräck att göra. Varulvar som kommer fram vid fullmåne och häxor som avbildas som siluetter mot månen när de flyger iväg över himlen på sina kvastar.

Men jag finner tröst i den och tycker den är otroligt vacker i alla sina skeden. Från den första tunna skäran på himlen när den kommer tills den är full och lyser på oss som en lykta i himlen tills den försvinner som om den lägger sig till ro. Det är något djupt trösterikt för mig att se denna himlakropp som reflekterar solljuset till oss även när solen lämnat vår horisont och lyser upp en annan del av jorden.  Det är som att måne och sol tillsammans vill påminna oss om att ljuset alltid finns någonstans även när det är som mörkast. Som en stråle av hopp.

Även när månen reflekterar ljus av den uppåtgående eller nedgående solen mot en fortfarande blå himmel är den vacker. Det är som ett skiftbyte mellan sol och måne. De lämnar över till varandra. ”Natten var bra. Ta över nu Sol med ditt morgonljus”. ”Dagen har gått alldeles utmärkt. Fortsätt nu att reflektera mitt ljus under natten, Måne!”.

Dess dragningskraft märks ju även i tidvattnet. Tänk att månen påverkar vattnet på jorden när jorden rör sig närmare eller längre ifrån månen i sin bana. Är det inte häftigt??

Allt naturen och universum hittar på fascinerar mig och får mig att bli hänförd. Tänk att lilla jag, en liten fis i rymden, ändå får vara en del av allt detta mäktiga. Utan det, fanns ju inte jag! Eller du.


English summary

Am I the only one fascinated by the moon?

Many superstitions about the moon has to do with fear. Werewolves showing up in full moon, witches depicted as a silhouette against the full moon when she takes off across the sky on her broom.

For me it is the opposite. I find comfort in the moon and its beauty. To see this body in space that reflects the sunlight down to us at night, as if the sun and the moon work together to always remind us that the light is always there, even in the darkest of nights. Like a beam of hope.

When the moon reflects the light of the rising and setting sun when the sky is still light it is like they change shifts. ”The night was alright, now you can take over Sun with your morning light!”. ”The day has been great, get on your duty Moon!”.

The moon’s power also shows itself in the lunar pull of the tide. Imagine that the moon affects our waters when our Earth moves closer or further away from the moon in its orbit. Isn’t it just fascinating???

Everything nature and universe do overwhelmes and enthralls me. To think that little me, a mere little nothing in the whole endless universe, still gets to be a part of it all. I wouldn’t be here without it. Neither would you!

Balcony premiere


You know that day you dream about all through the dark cold winter? That day that you in early January think will never come and seems like a fairy tale? That first REAL warm spring day?

For me that was today.

I felt so alive. It’s amazing how much spring, sun, warm air and a bursting blooming nature affect your soul. At least mine. A colleague and I took a short lunch walk during lunch break along the little path in the woods behind campus. Little spring green buds on the trees literally growing before our eyes, hills filled with hundreds and hundreds of wood anemones brightening up the ground turning their gorgeous white petals to the sun, birds singing happily. Heavenly.

As I got home I decided to try the balcony since I know it is always warmer there than the actual degrees. It was hot as in summer. So I finally moved my bike from its winter rest on the balcony to the cycle stand outside to make room for a temporary quick fix of the balcony. Which meant my sun chair and my dirty old balcony table. I had filled my thermos with tea and had some vegetable snacks with youghurt with it (trying to be healthy 😉 ). I couldn’t believe that I was sitting there. In just a tank top, and not freezing.

Welcome back, life.


A study in white – and I don’t mean the tank top. 😉


Wonderful Easter

The long weekend is over. It came and went. Time is fascinating. It is seconds and minutes. 60 seconds per minute for 24 hours a day. Time is constant. But yet it feel so inconsistent. It can be very slow. And very fast.

Five minutes is an eternity when you stand in the rain waiting for the bus at the bus stop and a lovely spring-like four-day long weekend can feel like two seconds.

Easter Eve was spent with my grandmother. We had a lovely day feasting on cake and sweets. It was a beautiful early spring day. If this keeps up soon things will start to blossom and bring back colour to nature again.

When I walked in Lidingö Centrum to  buy our cake,  I was like a drug addict craving the sunlight that flooded the square . Its bright light and warm soothing rays on my cheeks started an endorphine rush in my body that left me  just wanting more and more and more of that warmth and light.

At this time of the year I worship the sun. Bless us for our own life-giving star in our galaxy at the exact perfect distance making us all possible.

Snapshot with the mobile phone in Lidingö centrum.

How was your Easter weekend?


So here is a quick lunchtime update. 🙂

It is a beautiful day here in Stockholm today. The sun is shining and you can feel a hint of warmth from its rays. Finally. A tiny tiny sense of spring even though the shadows and winds are still cold.

A colleague and I decided to go out for lunch at restaurant Syster & Bror here at KTH campus. I had pasta Bolognese for lunch, she had zucchini pasta.

20160223_120245Lunch view

After that we took a short walk around the campus on our way back to the office to enjoy the sunshine just a little bit longer.

We passed a beautiful little tree that I had to capture with my mobile phone.


Now I am getting ready to join my colleagues at the company fair here on campus. This photo is from earlier today when the fair had just opened. Can’t wait to meet the students!