I have given myself a tough updating schedule in this blog with two entries every weekday. I do it because I love wrting for the blog, but also to keep a regular frequent update. I have had this blog now for a couple of months and I realise it is really hard to keep up with this schedule with interesting content twice everyday when you combine this with a busy full time job.

Since I work all day I have to write the entries in the evening before they are published and schedule them to be automatically published 8 am and 3 pm the day after. I also need to have something to write about and when your days consist of work and not much else it is not always easy to find interesting subjects to blog about even though I try.

And at times, as you have noticed, I can’t manage to keep the schedule going. When work gets too busy, like today. But I always make an effort to publish at least one entry per day.

The blog is still new. I am learning as I go how to keep it updated and with what. I am still not getting a lot of views even though it is increasing slowly but steadily so I don’t know how much people really care about my publishing schedule at this point – haha. But I am serious about the blog. It means a lot to me so I am determined to keep doing what I do and develop the blog little by little.

I used to blog before, about ten years ago, for over five years but then life caught me. I had too much to do, too much to focus on in life besides the blog so I stopped updating.This blog is a new beginning and I am so happy I started it. I am having lots of fun with it.

I have some texts left from the old blog that mean a lot to me – especially the texts I wrote when my father died. I am thinking of publishing them here too so that they don’t get lost in cyberspace. Would you want to read these old entries? Back then I was so ambitious to write every entry in both Swedish and English so I thought I would put them up on English Tuesdays and Thursdays in their bilingual form so that you who don’t read my Swedish entries won’t miss them on the other days.

If you don’t want to read up to ten-year-old texts, let me know and I won’t put them up here publicly. I would also like to hear what you want to read about? 🙂 More of my creative journey – the main theme of this blog? More everyday life? Just random thoughts on things? What?

I will be back with two entries again on Thursday!

Bli den första att kommentera! :)

  1. I did a post but I guess it never got sent ( or something ) but I was saying I have a very hard time making a schedule and I still try to make stuff whenever I can. I hope one day that I can work with people and make good content almost every day.

    But I know Im not that big and I dont write so long post like you but one day I hope I can work with people and be able to make content every day.

    Keep posting stuff and I will keep reading it. Have a nice day

    – Doc

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