Where is winter?

Outside the grass is actually green. The leaves have left the trees since long ago – but there is actually green grass in December.  It’s warmer than on Midsummer’s Eve for God’s sake – we’ve had up to 12 degrees! I don’t know which is most weird – warmer than normal in December, or colder than normal in June??

It’s an upside-down world. What is happening to the weather? Am I the only one who find the weirder and weirder weather scary? Something is not right.

I also wonder if we have the time to stop the effects of global warming. How many big ”climate meetings” have there been with ”the urgent need to come together to stop the development”, that end up with nothing. Because short-term profit and hunger for power are more important than having a world left to give to our children and their children.

And instead of coming together to save the world – our common home, we keep fighting and hating and killing each other. Talk about screwed up priorities…

Mankind must be the stupidest animal that has ever existed. A species doing everything it can to extinct itself – for power and greed!

Meanwhile – I miss the beauty of peaceful snow sparkling in the rays of the pale winter sun, ice crystals, and snow-covered postcard trees and meadows.


A low-res mobile photo from 5th of December 2012. Taken right outside work – frosty trees, snowy ground and beautiful pale winter light. Sigh.

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