Time has not allowed me to go out to take more photos so I have to make do with some ”left-overs” from last time. This means I am not too happy about these. But as this creative journey partly for me is to learn to try and experiment and fail – this entry is an exersice in that. The theme of Jen’s and my tree project this week, is a continuation of last week’s texture theme. This time texture in black and white.

I like black and white photos. Just the fact that they are black and white can make a boring image a little less boring. But it is still not enough to take away the boring completely out of the photo.  So why not take this opportunity to just play around a bit?

First some regular photos. Black and white photos are good for a graphic effect to display the pattern of the bare twigs and branches I think. Just wish I had time to go out again to try to do it a bit more interesting. But, this is it for now.







Now let’s play. Here I took one of the photos above and put it together with another photo, previously posted on the blog. I thought the pattern of the trees in this photo could be a nice pattern to mix with another photo… well. I tried. I played. I had fun. 🙂 That’s the main point of this project of ours after all! 🙂


Don’t forget to check out Jen’s photos in her blog. I bet she rocks this theme as she did the last one!


Bli den första att kommentera! :)

  1. LOVE the 3rd photo from the top- the b/w really highlights the texture of all those branches against the sky. I also really like the one with the wooden pathway going through the trees. The tangled mess of branches is a great contrast to the smoothness of the snow covered path (bridge?). I think taking colour out of the photo equation is a great way to play with texture, because it highlights line, shape…shadow and light. xx

    • My favourite too! In fact, the third photo and the ”bridge” photo were actually taken with black and white in mind, but still I wish I could have done something ”more” with them. Oh well, I am learning! 🙂

  2. I got to agree with Marie and Jen your technic is unique and interesting most say inspiring too. My weekend is going to be all about black&white and shadows/light.


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