We had a different theme for Jen’s and my tree project this week. We thought we should challenge ourselves with an emotional theme. For me this is very difficult and I was kind of dreading this even though I came up with the theme. The easy way out would be to take a photo of trees and a person looking thoughtful. But to me that seems too simple. It’s a tree project so it is the trees that are in focus. I was thinking long and hard about the concept of being thoughtful.

I ended up in two aspects of thoughtfulness.

Solitude and peace. I am a person myself often lost in thoughts. When I am, it’s when everything around me is still and nothing is distracting me. So one big part of thoughtfulness to me is solitude and peace.

Foggy winter morning by the water. Solitude and peace.

Patterns of a free mind. When I have peace and quiet and no distractions my thoughts run free. They come and go, seeminlgy random, but still with paths and patterns forming a whole – like a sketch drawing. Even though my mind is constantly going from one thought to another and back again, the thoughts still give me peace. I like being in my own mind, in a mix of happy and sad thoughts. It’s life.

_MG_6494Mind set free. Patterns of a free mind.

What do you think of my interpretation of the theme? It was difficult but I found it a lot of fun actually. A new aspect of taking a photo and one I want to explore since I do want to convey more of feelings and atmospheres with my photos. This was a very good exercise for me – one I will use and practise more not only within the tree project.

Check out Jen’s photos on her blog. I am so excited to see what she comes up with, with her artistic mind.

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  1. I like very much how you have tackled this weeks tree subject, and I really love the patterns of a free mind photograph… as you say- the thoughts come, they go- seemingly random, but always with a pattern… That photo reminds me of the inside of my own head lol! <3

    • Oh thank you! 🙂 It was difficult but it made taking the photos a lot more fun – not sure I was successful in what I was trying to convey, but just thinking it and finding the image I was looking for to convey my thought was fun! I only took these two photos and they came out just the way I ”saw” them when i took the photo. So that was interesting. But still not sure they convey what I had in mind – but just to see that the photo I had in mind is what actually also came out of the camera was exciting in itself. So definitely need to experiment more like this.

  2. Vad fint du skriver! Jag är också en som lätt kan sjunka in i tankar. Och naturen ger många såna stunder! När inget annat stör och man finner lugnet, då är det lätt att tankarna flyger i väg. Ibland på gott och ont men mest gott tror jag ändå!
    Ha en fin torsdagskväll och en riktigt fin fredag!
    Kram ♥
    / Maria

    • Jag tycker det är skönt när man liksom hamnar i det där tankfulla stadiet då tankarna bara flödar fritt. Så länge det inte blir till grubblerier förstås – fast det är mer nattankar för mig. På nätterna har jag en förmåga att hålla mig vaken genom att grubbla och oroa mig över en massa saker. Men i naturen så är det bara positivt för mig. Även ledsna tankar blir mer konstruktiva tycker jag! Kram tillbaka <3

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  1. Good to see you back writing! X