We had a different theme for Jen’s and my tree project this week. We thought we should challenge ourselves with an emotional theme. For me this is very difficult and I was kind of dreading this even though I came up with the theme. The easy way out would be to take a photo of trees and a person looking thoughtful. But to me that seems too simple. It’s a tree project so it is the trees that are in focus. I was thinking long and hard about the concept of being thoughtful. I ended up in two aspects of thoughtfulness. Solitude and peace. I am a person myself often lost in thoughts. When I am, it’s when everything around me is still and nothing is distracting me. So one big part of thoughtfulness to me is solitude and peace. Foggy winter morning by the water. Solitude and peace. Patterns of a […]


I have a dream that I one day will get to see the northern lights. It must one of the most beautiful things there is to see in my mind. Magic. And what do I hear? The day before yesterday the northern lights were visible here in Lidingö and I didn’t see it. It has been visable down here several times this winter and I have missed it every time. What are the odds that it appears this far south and what are the odds that it does it several times in one season and what are the odds that I miss it each time? If you want to see truly magical photos of the northern lights from northern Sweden where it is really strong and beautiful, check out young artist Jonna Jinton’s blog. She is a big inspiration of mine both in her way of life, her view on […]
  1. Good to see you back writing! X