I love cats. They are such great animals combining incredible cuteness with grace and beauty. To get my cat fix I volunteer at a cat shelter every other Saturday. My work involves a lot of travelling and I live in a small apartment, so at this moment in life I sadly can’t offer a good home for a cat of my own. But one day I will have my own kitty to love. Until then, I care for the abandoned, homeless and feral furry adorables at the shelter.

You won’t believe what cruelty people have put these shelter cats through. Cats are just too cute for their own good. It’s easy to get a cute little kitten, but the kitten grows up. And costs time and money. And get pregnant. They estimate about 100 000 feral homeless cats in Sweden alone.

Black cats are adopted last. Because they mean ”bad luck”. And they don’t take great photos. It is so sad. The superstition reason is plain stupid. As is the photography excuse too of course. But it IS harder to take nice photos of black cats. But they are in no way bad luck. They are very beautiful, panther-like, graceful. And often adorable personalities!

This is how you take great photos of gorgeous black cats, so now that excuse is thrown out the window!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMW6twgxq4g]

How about cats in art? The cat shelter I volunteer at recently moved to a beautiful location near the water in Nacka outside Stockholm. As wall decorations, the airbrush artist Julia Lazaridi chose photos of former cat guests at the shelter and airbrushed them on the walls. Amazing! Take a look at her photos of the project here and take the chance to look at her other airbrush art as well. Her page is in Swedish but the photos can be clicked to see a larger version. My favourite is this one:


Airbrush wallpainting at Stockholms katthem by Julia Lazaridi.
Source: http://www.lovetoairbrush.com/743_500_csupload_67842149.jpg?u=1578108528

Another form of art is animation. One of my favourite Youtube channels is the animated series Simon’s Cat. Every cat owner knows this situation. Or rather, anyone who is own by a cat, knows this situation. 🙂

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s13dLaTIHSg]

A wonderful cat painter is British Celia Pike. Check out her cat paintings here. I just LOVE them. It is so obvious she is an artist who loves her subject. 🙂

Are you cat or a dog person? I am a cat person, but I am a dog person too. I am fascinated by cats, their beauty and indepence. And incredible cuddleness and cuteness! But dogs are just as adorable to me. They are different species, with different characteristics. And I love them both equally. In this dog or cat person business – it is often so black and white. Either-or. Love or hate.

For me it’s only love!



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  1. I like them both…they each have different qualities that I like and both animals make wonderful companions. Many years ago I worked for a vet, and 80% of my time seemed to be spent explaining to people that just because their fluffy ball of cuteness was all grown up did not mean that they could be just left to fend for themselves… Animals are a big responsibility, but if you love your pet and take proper care of it, then the rewards are more than worth it! x

    • Yes animals are often even more loving than we deserve with their unconditional love! ❤️ If we love them and care for them, they are very generous in returning that love.

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