Kärleken till en katt!

The love for a cat. English summary under the clip (the clip is subtitled!)

Att jag älskar katter kan inte ha undgått någon som har följt den här bloggen ett tag. 🙂

Jag har önskat mig en egen katt (eller två) i hela mitt liv. Men det har inte blivit så. När jag växte upp tyckte inte pappa att vi inte kunde ta hand om några djur, så jag fick aldrig någon katt då. Och nu är min livssituation sådan att den inte passar för ett kattliv. Därför, och för att jag älskar och bryr mig om katter så klart, så arbetar jag nu som volontär på ett katthem varannan lördag för att på något sätt ha katter i mitt liv. Jag älskar det arbetet, även om jag så klart blir kär i flera katter varje pass och vill ta med hela högen hem.

Men även om jag inte fick någon egen katt, så hade jag turen att få ha en kattkompis ändå i mitt liv. Vår grannes katt Ceasar. Han var den bästa katten som fanns. Ett riktigt original, och min bästa vän.

Det här klippet, med historien om Ceasar, skrev jag och spelade in för snart tio år sedan. Till minne av Ceasar. När jag lade upp yogavideon såg jag att den här videon låg kvar i mitt youtubearkiv.

När jag såg den så påmindes jag om Ceasar och tänkte att hans historia förtjänar att berättas igen här eftersom han var så viktigt i mitt liv. Visst är det något särskilt med djur? De stjäl våra hjärtan på ett alldeles kravlöst och speciellt sätt som ingen annan eller något annat kan ersätta.

Har du eller har du haft något djur som har betytt lite extra mycket även för dig?

Glöm inte att försäkra ditt husdjur!!

The love of a cat

I don’t think that anyone who has been following this  blog for a while have missed my love for cats. 🙂

I have wanted my own cat (or two!) my whole life, but it never happened. As I grew up, my dad said we couldn’t take care of any animals in our family. Now as an adult my life situation is not a good one for a cat. Because of that, and because I generally care about cats of course, I volunteer at a cat shelter every other Saturday. This way I can have cats in my life even though I can’t have cats of my own.

However, even though I didn’t get to have my own cat growing up, I was lucky to still have a cat friend in my life. Our neighbour’s cat Ceasar. The best cat ever, and my best friend.

This clip above (it has English subtitles), my story about Ceasar, I wrote and recorded almost ten years ago. In memory of Ceasar. When I uploaded the yoga video I discovered this in my youtube archive.

I realised that Ceasar’s story deserves to be told again here since he was such a big part of my life. Animals are special aren’t they? They capture our hearts, undemandingly in a very special way that nothing and noone else can replace.

Do you have, or have you ever had, an animal that meant something extra special to you too?

Don’t forget to get insurance for your pet!!

Life. An update

The last couple of weeks have been wonderful. Now we are facing mild weather and the snow is melting and getting dirty. I mourn the beautiful sunny sparkly winter days, but I would not mourn if this was actually the end of winter. I long for spring and light.

How was your weekend? Mine was fine. The weather was dull so I didn’t get to take any new photos for our tree project this week, the theme being backlight. Difficult when there is no light. So I will have to put up old photos this week. Next week we will have a very cool and very creative theme coming up. You will find out what it is on Thursday when Jen and I present this week’s photos.

On Saturday I did my volunteer work at the cat shelter. Adorable kitties – they always melt my heart. They are like medicine to a tired soul. I always feel revived when I leave, so fulfilled of their cuteness and peculiarities and mischief. Charming creatures to say the least! ❤

Tomorrow morning I will leave the car to get it fixed after my clumsiness. They will be quick. I can pick it up again already on Wednesday. I like very much! 🙂

And I will use some flex hours at work in the afternoon to meet a former colleague. I am really looking forward to that.

Life goes on in it’s circle of day after day. I love it.

2015-05-06 18.05.40

Longing for spring. Old mobile photo.



Beauty of cats

I love cats. They are such great animals combining incredible cuteness with grace and beauty. To get my cat fix I volunteer at a cat shelter every other Saturday. My work involves a lot of travelling and I live in a small apartment, so at this moment in life I sadly can’t offer a good home for a cat of my own. But one day I will have my own kitty to love. Until then, I care for the abandoned, homeless and feral furry adorables at the shelter.

You won’t believe what cruelty people have put these shelter cats through. Cats are just too cute for their own good. It’s easy to get a cute little kitten, but the kitten grows up. And costs time and money. And get pregnant. They estimate about 100 000 feral homeless cats in Sweden alone.

Black cats are adopted last. Because they mean ”bad luck”. And they don’t take great photos. It is so sad. The superstition reason is plain stupid. As is the photography excuse too of course. But it IS harder to take nice photos of black cats. But they are in no way bad luck. They are very beautiful, panther-like, graceful. And often adorable personalities!

This is how you take great photos of gorgeous black cats, so now that excuse is thrown out the window!

How about cats in art? The cat shelter I volunteer at recently moved to a beautiful location near the water in Nacka outside Stockholm. As wall decorations, the airbrush artist Julia Lazaridi chose photos of former cat guests at the shelter and airbrushed them on the walls. Amazing! Take a look at her photos of the project here and take the chance to look at her other airbrush art as well. Her page is in Swedish but the photos can be clicked to see a larger version. My favourite is this one:


Airbrush wallpainting at Stockholms katthem by Julia Lazaridi.
Source: http://www.lovetoairbrush.com/743_500_csupload_67842149.jpg?u=1578108528

Another form of art is animation. One of my favourite Youtube channels is the animated series Simon’s Cat. Every cat owner knows this situation. Or rather, anyone who is own by a cat, knows this situation. 🙂

A wonderful cat painter is British Celia Pike. Check out her cat paintings here. I just LOVE them. It is so obvious she is an artist who loves her subject. 🙂

Are you cat or a dog person? I am a cat person, but I am a dog person too. I am fascinated by cats, their beauty and indepence. And incredible cuddleness and cuteness! But dogs are just as adorable to me. They are different species, with different characteristics. And I love them both equally. In this dog or cat person business – it is often so black and white. Either-or. Love or hate.

For me it’s only love!