On my photo walk on Sunday in my dear Elfvik, I was out for four and a half hours. It was such a lovely winter day. Clear blue sky with the low and pale yellow wintersun bringing out the sparkles in the snow and in the ice. -10 C with high clear air that filled my lungs with freshness and new energy. Photo walks are the best walks. It makes you really take notice on what is around you because you are looking for possible photo opportunities, and at the same time you get exercise and in winter, that so important spare daylight. A photo walk forces you to be completely present, here and now, both physically and mentally.

When you come home, you have the excitement of downloading all the photos you took into the computer and start editing. I can never wait, I am too curious on how the photos came out so I download them immediately. And even if I tell myself ”I will only look at them now, and start editing later” I end up editing them all anyway. Hours later I realise that time flew by!

One of the best parts about a long photo walk is the break. Especially on a cold beautiful winter day to sit down in a beautiful spot and drink my hot tea and eat a piece of chocolate.

This is a mobile photo I took while drinking my tea. Looking at the beautiful scene of frozen water and all the people ice-skating, walking and skiing on it. Hearing the buzz of voices and laughter echo across the ice. The only thing reminding me of warmer days are the mooring buoys. Frozen in time and movement, waiting for their boats to take the water back in the spring and summer.


I love winter, but I also can’t wait for spring now. To see the nature come back to life and the snow sparkles get replaced by the sparkling but yet fragile spring greenery. I feel so fortunate to live in a part of the world where we really get to experience four seasons. So far…

Do you long for spring and summer?

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