The theme this week, creating our own bokeh pattern, was a really fun and challenging one for me. To actually create something with my hands is not something I am used to. I am clumsy with no fine motorics abilities whatsoever. You will have to use your imagination to interpret my little pattern as a leaf. 😉

But I love the effect. It is definitely something worth experimenting with more. Practice is needed.

What do you think? Can you see the leaves? 😉 The leaf bokeh is created by window lights from block houses and traffic across the street. I am standing on the opposite side of a big street and the railway, shooting through trees. My idea for this project was to use an urban environment and give it a nature-twist. Because that’s me. A born city girl – but a nature girl at heart.


This first one I think is my favourite…


I was waiting patiently for the community train to pass so I could get this photo. The train is the blue in the middle, at slow shutterspeed.

I used a 50 mm lens, lowest aperture 1.4, to get maximum blur.

I can’t wait to see what Jen came up with. I think she was also planning on creating a leaf pattern – I bet hers looks amazing and actually looks like leaves! Because when it comes to drawing, working with hand, and fine motorics skills she is my complete opposite.  Check her out.

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  1. nope- I am afraid you beat me hands down on this one my lens refused to co-operate! your photos are really cool though! I love how all the little leaves are different colours- well done! <3

    • I bet your leaves would have been prettier than mine! You beat me, because you can draw a fabulous sketch about your frustration. I am just lucky to have the right kind of lens for this type of project, that’s just ”lucky me”. Your bokeh would have been fantastic. My leaf is pathetic LOL. But the effect is cool!

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  1. Good to see you back writing! X