Back on track with updates again after three days away from this blog. Still happy I have managed to post at least one entry per weekday. Kudos to me. I have been away on a work trip to Borås and came home today (yesterday when this entry is posted 🙂 ).

I had a busy weekend too with katthemmet and work so I haven’t been able to go out and take photos now for a long time. I have to make do with what I can to keep up photographing even though I can’t go outside. This evening I have tried black and white photos, continuing to experiment with lowkey photo, and photos with only candle light as light source. I think these experiments are good to try to understand how the camera handles light. So the photos I post today are ”technical experimenting” photos, not brilliant photos as such. I am rather pleased with the camera one actually. It is the one where I used only a candle as a light source. I have increased contrast and curves in Photoshop to get the sharp contrast between shadow and light that I am after. I still haven’t quite figured out how to achieve that 100% when I take the photo.

I don’t know if it is the light source and my technique that is failing, or if I need another type of light source to make the photos this ”contrasty” already in camera. Or if I am missing something in exposure. I will keep experimenting.

Anyway, here are the ”best” photos of the bunch I took.

_MG_6458Low-key. Two photos merged together, one heavily underexposed and one overexposed, using a layer mask to get the flames to appear from the underexposed photo and ”rays” of them to appear from the overexposed photo.

I kind of like this one… Except for the spots on my dirty UV filter but besides that. I have only used curves and contrast on this one, nothing more. I took this with my old Canon 550D 🙂

Oh yeah, both photos are converted into black and white as well, but that was the whole idea behind them.


Bli den första att kommentera! :)

    • Åh tack vad glad jag blev att du gillade den 🙂 Tricket är stativ och att ställa in kameran på lågan och gärna underexponera lite – då blir lågan rätt exponerad och resten blir mörkt. Jag tror att du kan fixa det med din kamera om du kan sätta den på stativ. Blir det för lång slutartid för din kamera kan du höja ISO-värdet – fast då riskerar bilden att bli grynig. Men om det är den bilden man kan få med sin kamera, så vad gör lite brus?? 🙂 Testa! Man kan göra det mycket bättre än jag, jag experimenterar och lär mig! 🙂 Jag ville ju också göra ett lowkeyfoto med mycket kontrast.

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  1. Good to see you back writing! X