Dreading what? The dentist 🙁 Tomorrow morning at 7:30 (today when you read this) I have a dentist appointment. The annual check-up. But I know I will have to come back and fix an old filling that was about to ”give up” already last year but he decided to wait in order not to torture me until it is absolutely necessary. He knows I am not too happy with the pain. The fact that I know I will have to come back to fix this makes me dread the appointment more than usual. I don’t want to go. I have this problem that the anesthesia doesn’t work on me. Well, it works in that usual loss of sense of lips, tongue, cheeks and everything for hours afterwards. But it never works against the actual pain of fixing the tooth. That nerve pain. I hate it! Ever since a difficult root filling a long time ago I can’t […]
  1. Good to see you back writing! X