Jag bryter av fredagens blogg med att redovisa veckans fotoprojekt i samarbete med Jen idag istället för igår. Därför kommer jag nu att byta språk till engelska.. 3 …2 … 1

Here we go.

I hope my English speaking readers (not that many but still 😉 ), find this entry even though it is not posted on a Tuesday or Thursday. It is time to show this week’s entry in Jen’s and my photo project painting with light.

First, a warning. 🙂 This week was all experimental. I just wanted to try to light an object in different colours using bulb mode on the camera. That way I tried to first light the object with say a red light from behind, then I turned off the torch and put on a different colour, say blue, and lit the object  on the front with blue. Then turned off the torch again to light the object from another angle with another colour.   I used coloured fabric t-shirts and tops in front of my torch to get the colours. I wanted to see what kind of effects one could get by doing that.

So I used my white dala horse as a subject. And when I lit it with the different colours it kind of looked like it was standing on a disco dancefloor. So that is what it is – a disco dala!

When I realised it looked like he was owning the disco floor spotlight I put three of the photos together in a little disco video for fun. So take this entry of the project with a sense of humour. Not to be taken very seriously. 😉

100% playful and not meant to be good or deep or anything more than meets the eye – a photo and a little nonsensical video of a white dala horse lit with a torch and different coloured fabrics.

Why? Just because.

And don’t forget to check out Jen’s photos that will most likely make more sense than mine! 😉


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnYWTIvH4Wo]

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  1. what a great idea! dala horse totally owns the floor 🙂 Love how the horse takes on the colours you are playing with- never thought of using fabrics to cover the torch with- I shall store that info away for later use!

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