The days are getting longer and brighter. The darkest darkness in the night is still dark but a hint of light breaks through with a little help from city lights.

It is only a couple of weeks left until daylight saving time. I can’t wait. From then on, the light will start to really take over the darkness and bring us the bright summer nights in June-July. When even in the darkest of night you can still catch sight of the remaining ambient light of the setting sun,  never leaving the horizon. Turning the black nights of winter into the blue nights of summer.

The light summer nights are magical to me. . It is such a blessing after the pitch black darkness of winter from early afternoon until late morning. I wish it could be June-July all year around!

But I  have a feeling that the light would lose some of its magic then. Part of its magic is the long wait and languish during the dark winter nights.

_MG_6750_2City lights sky.


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