I am so sad that I can’t draw. I can hardly even draw a stick figure. Anyone who can draw is someone I envy. Like Jen’s sketches. Wow. If only I could sketch like that. In school I was hopelessly bad in drawing class. The assignments were way too difficult for me so I sort of just gave up and realised that I suck at it.

I am like that. If I can’t be a professional at once and I know I can never be as good as a professional I just give up even trying. Why should I even try to become better at photography when I can never be as good as a professional? It’s like in my own mind I don’t even have the right to try. Leave it to the people who are good at it – don’t be pathetic with your lousy attempts is what I am telling myself.

So a big purpose of this blog is to challenge that in myself. To find my own creativity and realise that I can be creative even though I am not perfect or ”the best of the best”. There will always be people out there better than you are no matter what you do. Should that stop you from trying? If you asked me that my obvious answer is no. But when I ask myself the answer is completely the opposite. Where is the logic in that?

So why not challenge myself with drawing as well? I totally suck at it – I can take a photo, but I can’t for the life of me draw so this is way way WAY out of my comfort zone.

I found a couple of tutorials online on how to draw a cat. What about if I try to follow these tutorials just for fun? They are really difficult – it’s not like you can ”draw a cat” simply by following these tutorials. It requires talent which I don’t have. Thought I might tape my attempts – should lead to a good laugh at least! 🙂 What do you think?

This one is supposedly an ”easy” one:


To be continued. I hope….! Am not promising anything. Would you like me to try?

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  1. Life would be quite dull and uniform if every human being had the same abilities and skills. Nobody would notice when someone else excelled at something, since everyone would be just about as good. Only those who underperform once in a while would be singled out as not have done their best, and we probably have enough of downvoting as it is.

    I can’t draw neither, at least not on free hand. I have learnt to use tools in Photoshop to create mostly geometric shapes, but that is not artwork, not even in those cases I add individual pixels.

    But by all means, go ahead and try to improve your drawing skills. It probably will be rewarding, just like joining an amateur choir might do good for your musical abilities (in case those need to be improved).

    • That’s kind of how I was thinking. Those who excel at something should be left alone – I should not pathetically try to make something that will never live up to what they can make since I will never be able to… But I am trying to convince myself that the creative process is still open for me even if I can never excel at something. I can still improve and be better than I was before. I of course hope that I could reach an acceptable higher amateur level eventually with my photos and my writing (not with drawing though – this would be just for fun and laughs, not serious! ;)) even though I will never be The Artist! Because I love photography. I love writing. I want to take photos and I want to write. Should I not be able to do that simply because I can never be as good as the best? I want to break that train of thought in my mind. Everyone should let their creativity free without having to worry about imperfections… I have a creative soul but not the talent to match – so what to do? 😉 My creative soul needs to be heard to because it makes me feel good.

      • I love to draw, but there are other artists out there who have skills I will never match, but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I do, because I love to do it and the act of doing it makes me feel peaceful inside. You write that your creative soul needs to be heard because it makes you feel good- which is all the more reason for you to play with drawing… I say go for it! You never know what will happen until you try it out <3

      • If you’d eventually reach star levels, would you become The Artist Formerly Known as Marie, abbreviated with some funny, trademarked symbol that nobody knows what it is called anyway? 🙂

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