I want to make another car trip with my camera this weekend. Any ideas? Any safe places?

I want to be able to take amazing photos out in nature in sunrise and sundown and try out taking photos of the night sky and stars. But I am too scared to be out alone nowadays, and also with theft attractive camera gear with me begging someone to attack me. I even feel a bit insecure being out in middle of the day and even though I find it a bit embarrassing and disturbing to bring out the camera and take photos among people – I stay around places where I know there are plenty of people around, or near.

I hate that I can’t look through that fear and that it prevents me from doing what I want. Things have changed so fast. I didn’t use to feel this way in ”safe” Lidingö but only in six months time things have changed for the worse in terms of thefts, rapes, attacks etc. It’s a scary development.

I think the whole world has become more violent, more hateful and less tolerant the last couple of years and that change is also very quick. Can someone tell me where this is coming from?

Is it the years of economic crises that make this hate appear and the world such an unstable place? I mean, Hitler came about after the economic depression in the 30s. Are we seeing the same change now?

Is it power hunger and greed among the big leaders of this world? The fight for oil, money and power?

Why do we suddenly hate so much?

I think we need to be aware of something. Some people benefit from this hate. Identify them. And find the money. There is our source.

Can we fight the hate and fear in ourselves, that these people set out to plant into our souls, for a better world? So that they don’t win and destroy our world? Or do we fall for propaganda on both sides painting the others as evil?

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  1. I think that we can always fight against hate and fear- individually and collectively. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it, but for me, one of the most important things we can do is to keep doing all the things we love to do… to do anything less is when hate and fear gain ground… You could always find a B&B and stay over somewhere- that is what I would do- especially if I had a car! I bet there are a lot of beautiful and peaceful places that you could visit and be out shooting the dawn or dusk, or night and be perfectly safe… <3

    • I know… but still. Just yesterday another report of a sexual harrassment assault on walking roads in my neighbourhood. 🙁 I just don’t want to experience anything like that, so I don’t want to put myself at risk of doing so… so fear wins. What to do?? 🙂 I am thinking about maybe rethinking my aversion of moving to a place I can only reach with a ferry. LOL. But even that is of course no guarantee. It is funny. When I was out with olle and my mother in Älmsta a couple of weekends ago we drove an isolated road through a forest with a house by a forest lake. I said it looked like a Dream. My mom said she would be terrified to live there with no neighbours around all isolated. I said – well, mom, this is the safest way you can live! What could happen to you here where there are absolutely noone but you? You are in way more risk of something bad happening where you live now.

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  1. Good to see you back writing! X