I am excited.

My dear friend Jen is an amazing artist with great creative talent. Everything she touches becomes beautiful art. She is a great supporter in my creative journey. She is helping my mind to be more creative in my thinking and gives me valuable feedback on my photos and creative efforts.

She is also interested in exploring photography. She is my twin soul when it comes to how we feel about nature and beauty (and so many other things too!).

We have decided to start a photo project together. The subject is trees. From different aspects. We alternate to choose a theme per week.

So we will both learn from each other and together through this project. I, for now, know more about the camera functions and Photoshop, even though my knowledge is very basic. Jen just recently got her first digital SLR camera and wants to learn to use it. She brings her creative mind and talent to the project. For Jen to get the hang of operating the camera and master Photoshop will be an easier task than for me to develop that creative and artistic ”seeing” and understanding that she has. I know I never fully will, but if I only manage to develop 10% of her creative talent I am happy :). That creative understanding is way more important than just knowing basic operations on a camera for great creations and photos.

So I have a lot more to learn, and also to gain, on this project! Thanks Jen, can’t wait to see where this project will lead us.

You can follow my project results and progress in this blog. Hopefully Jen will put up her photos on her blog too. You don’t want to miss out on them – believe me. I suggest you have a look at her blog anyway!

The first theme choice for the tree project, for this week, was mine and is technical.

Shallow depth of field.

Stay tuned! 🙂

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  1. you are very kind to say such lovely things Marie! But I think that I can learn as much from you, as you can from me- because we each bring different strengths to the project. I am really looking forward to seeing where the journey takes us <3

    • But I am just telling the truth. You have such a talent! Will you be putting up your photos on your blog as well? 🙂 I took a couple of tree photos today. But they were nothing special. So will keep trying finding a cool way to use shallow depth of field 🙂

  2. I have put up a post about my shallow depth of field efforts- 2 photos, nothing special- not even sure the second one counts because of how I composed it but have a look and see what you think! x

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