Photo project: painting with light


For this week of Jen’s and my photo project I was inspired by some of Jen’s previous themes: windows, glass and light and how one object can turn into something completely different depending on how you play with light, sharpness etc.

I have always been fascinating by the sunlight through my bathroom window. It’s something I notice everytime I take a shower! The window glass has a ”wiggly” structure to it so that it lets in light but you can’t look through it. A very convenient structure for a bathroom window. 😉 So when the sunlight hits the window it creates some really cool effects. And when I got really close with the camera I got different colour and light effect  depending on how I angled the camera.  This first set of two illustrates that. All I did here was to turn up the saturation a bit.

I also noticed as I played around with depth of field and angles that the window texture could give impressions of being something else. In these two I got a feeling of ripply water catching the last rays of the setting sun.

For the last two I used my biggest aperture, 1.4, and close to maximum shallow depth of field to really get the bokeh going, and got these effects. I get the feeling of smoke and fire or a coppery surface.

I find it really cool how a sunlit structured bathroom window can make me think of smoke and fire, copper and sunlit water.

What do you think? What do you see?

Don’t miss Jen’s photos! I don’t know when they will be up so be sure to check her blog out so that you don’t miss them.

Bed view

Good morning from my bed at the hotel in Borås. I am actually writing this today, the actual Tuesday. It is nice to be blogging on the day you will actually read it, and not the day before publishing. 🙂 Maybe I should look over my publishing schedule.

I just woke up. And this view below is the first thing my eyes saw this morning. Hotel Grand in Borås is like my home away from home these days.

Hotel nights for me are often a hit or miss thing when it comes to sleep. Tonight was a hit! I slept so well. Last time I was here I had a very worried sleep and woke up with a head ache. It is weird how it is either really bad sleep, or like tonight, a really good sleep. It’s never an ”ok” sleep.

Going home today. So am  looking forward to my own bed tonight. That’s where I get the best sleep. 🙂

Do you sleep well at hotels?