Photo project: painting with light


For this week of Jen’s and my photo project I was inspired by some of Jen’s previous themes: windows, glass and light and how one object can turn into something completely different depending on how you play with light, sharpness etc.

I have always been fascinating by the sunlight through my bathroom window. It’s something I notice everytime I take a shower! The window glass has a ”wiggly” structure to it so that it lets in light but you can’t look through it. A very convenient structure for a bathroom window. 😉 So when the sunlight hits the window it creates some really cool effects. And when I got really close with the camera I got different colour and light effect  depending on how I angled the camera.  This first set of two illustrates that. All I did here was to turn up the saturation a bit.

I also noticed as I played around with depth of field and angles that the window texture could give impressions of being something else. In these two I got a feeling of ripply water catching the last rays of the setting sun.

For the last two I used my biggest aperture, 1.4, and close to maximum shallow depth of field to really get the bokeh going, and got these effects. I get the feeling of smoke and fire or a coppery surface.

I find it really cool how a sunlit structured bathroom window can make me think of smoke and fire, copper and sunlit water.

What do you think? What do you see?

Don’t miss Jen’s photos! I don’t know when they will be up so be sure to check her blog out so that you don’t miss them.

Photo project: Painting with light

Soap bubbles part two! 🙂 This week’s photo project photos of Jen’s and my project. Don’t forget to check her photos out. I am not sure when she will put them up, but bookmark her blog and enjoy her creativity in generell while waiting for the photos :).

I had so much fun with the soap bubble last week that I continued to play with them this week. This time I used my ledlit hearts wall decoration as bokeh and backlight to the soapbubbles and took the photos with underexposed flash to freeze motion in the dark light. I did ok. It was still slight long exposure of parts of a second so I got some interesting effects (I think…) from that too.

I will start with my least favourite photo.I like the bokeh effect and the trails of light from the slightly long exposure. I *think* the flash sets of directly as I take the photo and freezes the bubbles and then the shutter is open a microsecond longer which creates the those light trails from ”sinking” bubbles.


These final two photos I am really pleased with myself. I find it hard to choose which one I like more. I like the bokeh lights and ”simplicity” of the first one. I like the many reflexes and light trails of the second one.



Here it is, the ledlit hearts wall decoration that I love. 🙂 I bought it for christmas but I think it works all year around!


Photo project – painting with light

Ok. So I might have bended the theme a bit this week. But one could say it is at least playing with light and colours. I was devoting myself to try out soap bubbles and water effects. I covered a cutting board in a colourful gift wrapping paper and put it in the sink as a background for the tap water and bubbles. I took hundreds of photos hoping some of them would be good! I didn’t succeed too well with the water photos, I don’t have enough zoom on my camera to get really close to the drops. But I managed to catch some nice bubble photos, I think. And the photos looks good together like a ”theme”.

_MG_6945Running tap water catching the colours of the background

_MG_7015My favourite photo this week.

_MG_7055Single bubble (cropped)

_MG_7060Single bubble.

Jen will put up her photos tomorrow! Don’t forget to check hers out.

Photo project: painting with light

FINALLY I get to upload my photos for this week in Jen’s and my photo Project. I didn’t quite get the results I had hoped. I was aiming for some low key lighting of my tulips but failed that – the result came out like just flat light doing nothing for the Beautiful tulips. Luckily tulips are pretty in themselves even in my bad lighting so I put the least failed photo up here.

After I failed the tulips I started experimenting with the torch and writing instead. It is getting better but oh my god it’s difficult. To know what you actually write into thin air and then also writing it reversed so that it becomes right in camera. Gee – I have like no idea where my letters go and how I shape them – the letters A, E and H…. come on! This takes a LOT of practice before I can make anything of it really. But you can at least see what it says, right??




I can’t wait to see what Jen came up with today. Her idea sounded really cool. Have a look!

Photo project – painting with light 3

Jag bryter av fredagens blogg med att redovisa veckans fotoprojekt i samarbete med Jen idag istället för igår. Därför kommer jag nu att byta språk till engelska.. 3 …2 … 1

Here we go.

I hope my English speaking readers (not that many but still 😉 ), find this entry even though it is not posted on a Tuesday or Thursday. It is time to show this week’s entry in Jen’s and my photo project painting with light.

First, a warning. 🙂 This week was all experimental. I just wanted to try to light an object in different colours using bulb mode on the camera. That way I tried to first light the object with say a red light from behind, then I turned off the torch and put on a different colour, say blue, and lit the object  on the front with blue. Then turned off the torch again to light the object from another angle with another colour.   I used coloured fabric t-shirts and tops in front of my torch to get the colours. I wanted to see what kind of effects one could get by doing that.

So I used my white dala horse as a subject. And when I lit it with the different colours it kind of looked like it was standing on a disco dancefloor. So that is what it is – a disco dala!

When I realised it looked like he was owning the disco floor spotlight I put three of the photos together in a little disco video for fun. So take this entry of the project with a sense of humour. Not to be taken very seriously. 😉

100% playful and not meant to be good or deep or anything more than meets the eye – a photo and a little nonsensical video of a white dala horse lit with a torch and different coloured fabrics.

Why? Just because.

And don’t forget to check out Jen’s photos that will most likely make more sense than mine! 😉


Photo project: painting with light

It’s time for a new theme, a new photo project, for Jen and I. Jen came up with the first one, trees, and she also came up with this second one – painting with light. It is a very creative theme that can be interpreted in many exciting ways. There is a ”discipline” of sorts within photography when it comes to painting with light where you use long exposures and create shapes or effects using a light source. There are some pretty cool stuff out there.

Here is a tutorial on how to make foreground subjects appear. Really cool!

You can also use your lightsource as a ”brush” and make cool effects. Here is a tutorial of showing that.

Plus of course you have your own imagination! This is a really cool theme – thanks Jen 🙂

My first experiments here playing around at home with a torch. Bulb mode on camera and aperture 32 to make it as dark as possible. These images are experimental more than anything else – first attempts. It will be fun to experiment with this and learn more!

behind the light
Behind the light


Love you

Check out Jen’s photos on her blog. I am so excited to see what she comes up with. She is the artist of us two, or rather she is the artist period :), so she will create magic with this theme I think!