Searching for answers to an uncertain future


2017. Ett lärdomens år. På flera sätt än ett. Ett år som härdade mig. Som utmanade mig. Som utvecklade mig. Jag kommer inte att sakna det. Men jag vill heller inte ha det ogjort.

2018 – Jag har börjat gå!

2017. A year of life lessons. In more ways than one. A year that toughened me. That challenged me. That made me grow. I won’t miss it. But I don’t want it undone either.

2018 – I have started walking!

7 reaktioner på ”Searching for answers to an uncertain future

  1. Martin

    Sometimes the past is a kind of guide for the future and there is no discontinuity between the past and the future, but sometimes the past doesn’t give us all answers about the future and we have to seek and find them for ourselves. In such moments, or after a year that challenged us, we have to discover a way to the future, what we want to do, how we want to live, what new things we can discover an do, and also a way to see how we want to live with experiences that we made in the past.

    (Initially I had written a long comment talking about a book by a German author, Roger Willemsen. In Swedish: Den där knäcken. About the book or the author: ”Knäcken, det där ögonblicket då livet ändrar riktning och inget längre är som innan. I sin briljanta essä är Willemsen mindre intresserad av….” but I decided to write another shorter and simpler comment, the one above. By the way, the atmosphere in your video is quite unique.)

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    • Very true words! But it can also be a bit intimidating – what if you choose the wrong path? I feel as long as you are true to yourself you have to live your own story. You can plan your future to some extent and have clear goals. But ultimately – you have to live it. Living it, and not fearing it, will guide you through the crossroads and hidden futures. Because the concept of future holds the unknown – you can’t plan everything since you have no idea what the future will bring. You can plan a direction – a direction built from your heart and true self – but where that direction will lead you, you don’t know until you lived it. That’s the scary and exciting part of life! You don’t know how your life story ends!


      • Martin

        I had thought of saying something about your answer but I just let the occasion pass and after some time I didn’t know anymore what I had thought to say. You have surely walked much more than I did since then and also made other interesting things!


  2. Ulf

    We are always heading for something. You and I share parts of the same road… Let’s find what’s around the next bend.
    My road will hopefully
    end up somewhere else and you know where that place is. In the meantime let’s kick some butt and enjoy life…. Don’t take life too serious 🙂


    • Life is a both a plan and a mystery – and we only unfold the mystery by living it! 🙂 Exciting and scary at the same time. But it’s what makes life worth living! The difference between living and just existing.


  3. Ulf

    Don’t forget that waiting for the future is going to be an eternal process cos today once was the future and tomorrow, today will be a day of the past….
    Don’t wait….. Just do it!

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