Office thoughts

I love my job, but today (yesterday when you read this!) as I was sitting in my office chair looking out through the dirty office window I realised I wanted out. I was listening to the traffic passing by and the noise from all the construction works going on outside and sighed.

I wanted out, out in the open air somewhere. Surrounded by forests, vast horizons, open waters, big skies. I dreamt of birds singing, wind passing through the leaves, waves hitting the shores. And to just exist, with nothing else on my mind than the beauty around me.

Sometimes everyday life does this to me. I love my job and my routines, but at the same time, sometimes they make me tired and long for something else.

I guess that’s normal.


Longing for a different view

(At 3 pm I will be posting my photos for Jen’s and my photo project this week. Come back then! 🙂 )


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