Photo project: painting with light

FINALLY I get to upload my photos for this week in Jen’s and my photo Project. I didn’t quite get the results I had hoped. I was aiming for some low key lighting of my tulips but failed that – the result came out like just flat light doing nothing for the Beautiful tulips. Luckily tulips are pretty in themselves even in my bad lighting so I put the least failed photo up here.

After I failed the tulips I started experimenting with the torch and writing instead. It is getting better but oh my god it’s difficult. To know what you actually write into thin air and then also writing it reversed so that it becomes right in camera. Gee – I have like no idea where my letters go and how I shape them – the letters A, E and H…. come on! This takes a LOT of practice before I can make anything of it really. But you can at least see what it says, right??




I can’t wait to see what Jen came up with today. Her idea sounded really cool. Have a look!

4 reaktioner på ”Photo project: painting with light

  1. Jen

    Love the tulips, they are one of my favourite flowers- so pretty in the soft light. Your writing with light is WAY better than mine- yours is actually readable- well done you! It is really hard though, I still haven’t managed to get beyond writing one LEGIBLE word at a time lol! xx

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    • The light on the tulips feels flat to me. I need to work more on that to get the effect I was after! Haha yes writing is really tricky!! I really loved your photos this week! Like real art!! ❤

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  2. Anders Carlsson

    I think it turned out well, although I must admit I misread the longer message as ”Live long and prosper” for a brief second. #startrek 🙂

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